A website of the The International Carwash Association is a non-profit trade association serving 3,000 businesses in the United States, Canada and overseas. Membership includes car wash operators, equipment manufacturers, distributors, and related suppliers.

Check out the Car Wash Wizard. The Car Wash Wizard forecasts your car wash need based on where you live and drive. Also take the Car Love Quiz and find interesting stats and facts.

Wash-N-Fill Wash Express is proud to support the American Red Cross. Here are three ways that you can also help support this worthy organization.

You have the power to make a difference in someone's life. All you have to do is make a contribution. Every donation helps provide services to those in need. When disaster strikes, your contributions can help bring comfort to those in distress. 

You can make a difference every day. You can help comfort victims of a house fire or teach a pet first aid class. Whether you are interested in community services, international services, disaster services or any of the other lines of services in the Red Cross, you'll find something that fits your niche. 

Give Blood
You can help prevent-life threatening reactions of patients. Donor blood must be compatible with the recipient's blood, and it is very likely that a donor within the same racial/ethnic group will be a better match.



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