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Located in Northwest Ohio, the Wash-N-Fill, Inc. family of car washes knows what it takes to help you keep your vehicle clean & shiny. By preventing damages to your vehicles exterior finish with periodic washing and other preventative measures, you will suspend the effects that some of these challenging atmospheric, and other conditions will have on your vehicles exterior finish here in Ohio.

Ohio offers a moderate degree of corrosiveness for vehicles due to the effects of road salt and acid rain. Ohio's tough winters produce annual snowfall ranges from about 28 to 39 inches - and where there's snow, there's road salt. Road de-icing materials can cause great damage to vehicles, and are estimated to cause billions of dollars in damage every year to American automobiles.

Another concern cited by environmental groups such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the auto industry is that acid rain has become a serious problem here in Northwest Ohio. This also causes damage to automotive coatings. When the moisture evaporates, the acid remains - often forming a blemish that looks like a splattered raindrop. Acid rain eats through a car's finish, permanently etching it. Annual precipitation in Ohio averages about 38 inches, so it's important to wash a car soon after a rainfall. Once damage is done, the only solution is to repaint. Effects are most noticeable on vehicles with dark or metallic finishes.

If you park your car outside, drive long distances, or live in a heavily wooded area, you should also wash your car more frequently to avoid other damaging elements such as dirt, tree sap and even bird droppings (which you may be surprised to learn is very acidic and if not removed, will permanently stain your car's finish).

Let us give your car a bath frequently –and with the correct ingredients to make a difference!

Ohio car owners wishing to preserve their auto investment should wash their car at least two to three times a month to protect against long-term damage from salt, acid rain and other harmful elements. If you see or feel salt building up on your car, wash it within a few days to avoid the beginnings of corrosion. Research shows that resale or trade-in values for cars can be significantly increased (by more than $1,500) if the exterior and interior of an automobile were well cared for.



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